Rowan Public Affairs (RPA)

Who We Are

Based in London, the Midlands, Wales and the South West of England and with international connections, particularly in Brussels and Geneva, Rowan Public Affairs specialise in public policy development and Government relations. The Rowan team can draw upon long experience gained through working with Government, Parliament and the public/private sector.

What We Do

Rowan offers strategic business planning and support, political engagement, contact building, facilitating lobbying opportunities and the provision of advice on developing a business's public profile. We can work as part of our clients' core team if required, becoming a valuable and accessible resource for campaigns and projects.

We can help you make your voice heard on political and regulatory issues and help your business adapt to any changes that become necessary because of regulatory change.

We operate dynamically and work across the UK and Europe as required by our clients. We are both flexible and cost competitive.

We offer:

  • Marketing and product support for clients in a range of sectors
  • Organisation of events and lifestyle activities
  • Media events and PR activities for campaign groups and trade associations
  • Support for long term business strategy development
  • Business to business relations facilitation
  • Government and Parliamentary relations and advice on dealing with other public stakeholders.
  • Political and market intelligence reports
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis management

Rowan helps its clients align their objectives with wider government and social aims and aspirations, so minimising the regulatory burdens they face. This leads to a more sustainable result for client businesses and is a technique which can be successfully used for both public policy activity and product marketing.

We have particular expertise in relation to minority transport sector services and in developing road safety policy in these areas. Rowan has a proven track record in the motorcycle and bicycle industries and their supporting sectors.

Rowan Public Affairs Services

Public Policy & Marketing Development


Rowan can offer a range of services related to preparing both business and representative organisations for the evolving challenges that are represented by Brexit. This includes sectoral impact analysis, regulatory impact analysis, position statements and associated representation to Government and European bodies.

This will help you prepare your business for the opportunities and challenges that Brexit represents.

Lobbying and Advocacy

Rowan is highly experienced at making the case for your proposal or policy to senior decision makers within Government. Beyond this, we also we also build support across Westminster and Whitehall which is often a crucial step in making change and can facilitate access to relevant government departments.

Parliamentary and Media Monitoring

We can keep track of changes in the political landscape which will affect your business and advise you on strategies which will help mitigate any negatives or build on any positives.

Parliamentary Events and Conferences

We have extensive experience in organising events within and around the parliamentary estate and are well placed to ensure such events run smoothly. Similarly, we can also use our experience to run conferences on your behalf.

Research and Analysis

Before making any policy proposals, it is well-advised to assess the landscape and see what has been tried before. Our team of researchers can utilise their experience to provide context and background to any proposal, thereby increasing its credibility and chances of success.

Policy Advice

In addition to presenting a case and developing the background, with decades of political practice, we are also well-placed to give advice on policy and implementation and what will work best to resolve the issue.

Strategic Business Advice

Having worked with multiple household names and seen many businesses grow and flourish, we can offer bespoke business advice for those engaging with an emerging legislative and policy environment. Examples here are those engaged in importing and exporting goods or services against a backdrop of Britain leaving the European Union.

Trade Association Public Affairs

We work with several associations and representative organisations. We are therefore well placed to offer support for establishing or enhancing the public affairs role for trade associations. This includes research, position statements, representation, member engagement and business support.

A ‘rounded’ service that can integrate PR and marketing goals with the external environment and public expectations of policies, products and services.

Public Policy Services and Marketing Development Services

Ethics, Standards and Motivations

The Rowan Public Affairs team were dismayed by past political scandals involving access to MPs, Peers and Ministers. If the case being made by lobbyists cannot gain the support of MPs through straightforward, open and honest representational activity, then there is clearly a problem with how the case is being presented. Rowan does not pay MPs or Peers for their support and will not take any work where financial ‘inducements’ may become a part of the activities required.

Rowan is registered with:
The Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists.
The European Transparency Register.

Our core lobbying team are Members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), we are included in the CIPR UK Lobbying Register and we subscribe to the CIPR code of conduct.

We often hear complaints that Government never listens. Lobbying is a legitimate trade, which helps remove perceived barriers between Government/Parliament and ordinary citizens/businesses. Lobbying ensures that voices are heard in the corridors of power and allows a conduit of institutional views and opinions to get back to the organisations that lobbyists represent.

We are not only keen enthusiasts of the work we do, but we also are eager to broaden our individual horizons and gain insight from the world that lies beyond the 'Westminster Village'. Most of us are keen travellers and adventurers with our experiences enabling us to understand how the activities and products of our clients are seen by and can fit with the ever-evolving world, sometimes far beyond the UK’s shores.


Craig Carey-Clinch MCIPR

Craig Carey-Clinch MCIPRManaging Director

  • Public policy and media specialist, with over 20 years international experience
  • Skilled negotiator and lobbyist
  • Well connected in Parliament and among NGO
  • Extensive strategic planning experience
  • Former trade association policy and PR director
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Christopher Hodder

Christopher HodderDirector

  • 10 years’ experience lobbying on behalf of commercial and non-commercial NGOs 
  • Highly experienced in UK, EU and international legislation and regulations 
  • Experienced spokesperson 
  • Academic background in history and politics 
  • Experienced in strategic management
  • Member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Barbara Alam

Barbara AlamDirector

  • Former Campaigner on London Transport issues
  • Skilled project administrator
  • Experienced in a range of public policy sectors
Nicky Bassett-Powell

Nicky Bassett-PowellDirector

  • Former Chairman of voluntary sector organisation
  • Extensive local & regional lobby experience
  • Transport planning specialist
  • Previous experience in transport related industries
Dave Luscombe

Dave LuscombeProject Manager

  • Former business development manager of a major sports body
  • Extensive marketing and promotional experience
  • Experienced project manager in motorcycle and cycling sports
  • Experienced in organising projects at Local Authority level
Rhian Jones

Rhian Jones - BA, MLittResearch & Policy Manager

  • New research specialist
  • Public affairs support


The links below relate to organisations that RPA often has dealings with
and many are also representative of our team's general interests.
The majority are not RPA clients.


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RPA Communications is the media focused subsidiary of Rowan Public Affairs. RPA Communications are experts in 'selling' not just consumer products, but also have a great deal of experience in selling ideas, policy positions and viewpoints, sometimes to sceptical publics. We offer marketing and PR support for client consumer products and initiatives, which can range from press office activity to shows, events and product launches. We also have wide experience in organising 'stunts' to draw attention to a particular product or, in the case of campaigning groups, an issue which needs media attention.

We can also offer support in relation to creative activity, messaging and consumer product placement.

Specific services include:

  • Press office and media monitoring
  • Event organisation, including more extensive initiatives or product marketing activities (such as major PR events, involving third parties, charitable activity, adventure travel etc)
  • Stunt’ organisation (for products and for policy issues)
  • Product placement


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